League Management System

The help in this system can be reached either via the Help Index or directly by links from the Help block on the left hand side which change according to what is shown in the main view (i.e. context sensitive help).

Note that in order to change anything, such as inputting a match result you must be logged in. If you are logged in, it will say so logged in as xxxx on the left hand side, and there will be a Logout option. If you are not logged in there will be a Login option below the top left hand logo.

The help is organised into information for different people:

  • Club owners and team captains. Those users who are listed under a club are able to input match results for teams in that club, and are able to update the club information.
  • Event Owners can do everything within one event such as add fixtures and update matches.
  • Organisation Owners can do everything within one organisation such as add clubs, create events and teams.
  • The LMS adminstrator can add new users, create new organisations, and load up grading and membership data.
General help: