Updates August 2nd 2022

  • In main fixtures option, add an option to include new seasons for organisation owners so thaey can see all the fixtures before letting the public see them.
  • In main fixtures option, add an action of Refresh for use with the new/allnew options
  • Add a system wide report for games missing in the rating system and always save resubmitted event files to aid fault invesigation.
  • Update graded games counts for all events in active seasons not just those that have change since the last grading run.
  • For future dated matches, set the results date to the day the result was entered to prevent rejection by the rating system.
  • Prevent event type being changed from team to individual after fixture creation as this can lead to a mess
  • Update text on the Local Grades option for clarity.
  • Put latest fixture date on auto grading report to replace auto OTB etc.