Create bespoke Email groups within the system

The system has some very useful email communication functions such as Emailing Users, Team Captains or Secretaries.

It would be really useful to have the ability to create bespoke groups that are created from amongst the users of the system. This would allow, for instance, communication with members of specific divisions or those who participate in a particular competition. All that would then be needed is to allow the creation of that bespoke group.

It would also allow the creation of a communication group for the committee that oversees the operation of all the competitions.


This is a nice idea. How to implement it need some thought. It could be done by something like club owners, but instead of clubs just groups of users. Or perhaps it could be done by linking players to users and then creating player lists for the groups and being able to email them which would mean you could also set up a mailing list for a club, or for all the players in an individual event.

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Thanks for reviewing this. Obviously there will be technical considerations, which will govern how this can be done. I was just thinking about it being something like, whoever created the group would then add the users to the group.
I was imagining a "create email group", which is given a name and, if a user has an account on the LMS, they are simply moved from "Users" to that group just like when transferring "Users" to "Owners".

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Yes, there could be another thing like an organisation that just has users and owners, but not anything else but a name.