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Please visit our web site www.broadstairschessclub.co.uk

Broadstairs Chess Club was founded in 1887.
The club is open for most of the year with two-week breaks at Christmas and in August. Players of all ages and abilities are welcome and the club’s safeguarding policy is available.
Broadstairs enters teams into various Thanet and East Kent Chess League competitions with home and away League fixtures throughout the season, as well as the Rapidplay and Buzzer events.

Meeting on Monday evenings from 7:30, Bradstow Mill, 125 High Street, Broadstairs CT10 1NQ. Use door marked Function Room to the left of the bar then up the stairs to the right, and right again.
Free parking available in Lawn Road after 6.00pm, the left turn immediately after Broadstairs Station if approaching from the railway bridge. From seafront turn right just before the Station, across the entrance.

Proof of current ECF Membership at Bronze level or above is required to enter RATED club events.
See ECF Privacy Notice https://www.englishchess.org.uk/ecf-privacy-notice/

Goodall Cup
RATED The Club Championship open to members only. Time control: Fischer timing 75 minutes + 15 seconds per move from the start. The Zielinski Shield is presented to the best performing player in the bottom half of the competition.
John Cutting Trophy
RATED Five round Swiss played in the summer. The winner is decided by best rating performance, not game points scored.
Robert Page Blitz
RATED Six round Swiss, 10 minutes for each player.
Viking Bay Rapid
RATED This is a team Rapidplay competition.
Broadstairs Blitz
This is an unrated competition. 5 minutes for each player.
John Cousens Vase
This is an unrated knockout competition. All entrants must have an ECF category rating K or A before playing their first game. Time control 40 minutes per player for all moves. Handicap based on the difference in rating between the two players. Minimum handicap (lower rated player plays White) for 1+, up to, potentially, higher rated player having his Queen removed.
George Stiggers Trophy Presented to the player whose published rating increases most from 1st September to 1st August.
Richard Pilcher Prize Presented to the player with the best score in League competitions.
Rapid Games
RATED See below. For ECF Rating of games of >10 to <60 minutes.
STD Games
RATED For recording games to be ECF Standard Rated outside of the main competitions, open to members only. The time control must be a minimum of 60 minutes for each player, but any Standard League or Club time control may be used. Primary use to get early grades for new players.