Updates November 7th 2022

  • New rating available for selection in the Event of "ECF Standard OTB Monthly" which is the latest Monthly original rating.
  • Order rating lists alphabetically in the drop down.
  • xlsx added to list of valid attachments in an email.
  • Exclude OTB fixtures from the online access check to make online pairings visible one hour before the match time.
  • Only prevent future dated invidual matches with actual results. Future dated pairings with no result should be allowed.
  • Swiss pairings now use the player list optionally for round 1 pairings and are available to all organisation owners, not just those with tester privallage.
  • None Members report to count rapidplay events as half and to show those playing the largest number of games at the top.
  • When viewing a player from the player list, link their ECF grading code to their record in the rating system.
  • Locally rated report only includes players in player lists (so you can delete old players from lists)