High Priority Issues

This is a list of known problems with the LMS which are either bugs or important limitations.

  1. email attachments have stopped working
  2. Put a check in to prevent someone entering the result for a game more than 7 months old. This is to prevent the recurrence of an issue where someone accidentally created a fixture with last years date. It should be possible for LMS administrators to override this (and possibly the amount by which it is allowed to be out of date by could be changeable ) . One problem is that some people want to enter old results for the purposes of recording them, yet do not want them graded (again).
  3. The grading file submission number can get incremented without submitting a file.
  4. Organisation owners get access denied message when trying to update an org page
  5. The Team Order option in Admin/Season does not work unless the event already has at least one team
  6. The drupal module which provides the google maps option for club venues is no longer supported. This function may need to be removed or replaced (although seems to be still working at the moment)


  • We need a better way of recording and responding to issues, and someone to manage it.
  • The late matches report should not show matches until the day after
  • Change occurrences of grade to rating and grader to rating officer.
  • In the listing of a players games, they are classified as Rapid or Standard according to the setting of the Rating in brackets shown in the match card.

Long term issues

  • Drupal 7 is only supported to January 2025
  • The LMS can't handle dates in 2038. The int fields storing dates as unix timestamps need to be increased to big int.