Defaults and walk overs screw up player stats

For the Score you seem to take the games actually played (Default would be a 0 obviously, but walk-over would be a 1), the Games seem to include the Defaults / walk-overs and the Performance is meaningless. I tried to figure out how the Including / Excluding Defaults columns were worked out but gave up.

Under the D&D rules, a player can play up to 2 times for a team above bottom
board before he becomes ineligible for a lower team. The League Controller
(Dave Williams) made an interpretation during the season (which I accepted)
that defaults and walk-overs count for the purposes of eligibility. So, in
the case of Hoddy, after his walk-over and 1st default, if he actually
played just once for the B team, he would become ineligible for the C team.

If a captain knows beforehand that if he is going to be one short for his
team, he should default bottom board, and no player needs to be named. If,
though, he believes the player may turn up but has been delayed, he could
write his name on a higher board on the Match Card. This might affect the
player's eligibility. That's the 'penalty' for defaulting above bottom
board. In both cases, the player who 'wins' against the default should
also be named on the Match Card.

For examples, see the attached spreadsheet. I do a data sort by Games to
split out those who have played few, then sort by Name, deal with any
duplicates, then look at any Defaults / walk-overs, finally sort each
section back by Performance.

In the case of Hoddy (JDH), the division stats give 2½ / 9. In the Player
stats, taking only games for that team / division, the score is the same
(default is a 0 obviously, but walk-over should be a 1 if anything), but
from 6 games. To find the Defaults / walk-overs, you have to look at the
Match Card for each of the team's matches.

The Defaults / walk-overs were only the ones I knew about, because they
involved our team. I couldn't see any easy way of determining how many
defaults there had been in total in the division, and I couldn't be bothered
to adjust all of the opposition figures (for example, Bromilow's
default to Slobodyuk in A's last match).

I suppose you might make a case for including the defaults, but the
walk-overs make no sense at all, and most of the time people are only
interested in performance in actual play.

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What you say makes sense to me. But it is possible somebody wanted it like that!

Regards defaults in a division, perhaps there needs to be some over all event stats ?