Updates September 11th 2023

  • New method of adding and removing owners for organisations, clubs, events. Note that it is now possible to add an owner to an organisation without them first being a user
  • Add a link to the contact form of the sending user for mass emails. Mass email options now in tabs.
  • Membership details now taken from the rating system because if its wrong it needs to be fixed there so the correct person gets billed.
  • Option for adding new seasons modified in the hope of making it clearer by adding a separate screen which asks for the new season name.
  • Confirm form for deleting a season contains more information to make it less likely you will delete the wrong one.
  • It is mandatory for new players to have a club, but it can be any ECF club, not just one in the organisation as at present.
  • Check added that round number is 99 or less as this is required by rating system.
  • Add column to the non-members report saying why they are not, and don't count ECF supporters as members.
  • Remove references to CAT F which no longer exists.