Preston 1 v Lytham 1

Division A Wed 1st May 2024   Verify
BoardHomePreston 1Lytham 1Away
1 (B) 2321 (2279)
Lund, D Brett
1 - 0
Cooper, John G
1931 (1934)
2 (W) 2074 (2076)
Peacock, Malcolm R
1 - 0
Walker, Colin M
1873 (1860)
3 (B) 1866 (1883)
Ashcroft, Graham J
½ - ½
Wilson, Peter A
1729 (1740)
4 (W) 1811 (1745)
Pidcock, Alan
0 - 1
Aspinall, David E
1733 (1658)
Total80722½ - 1½Total7266

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Sorry for the short report - my game went to the wire and I didn't see much of the other games.

First to finish was board four. Things looked fairly even until Alan lost his queen .

Peter had sacrificed a bishop for two pawns in my game (board three) and had a dangerous passed pawn. Although a piece up I failed to properly take advantage of this and was stuck in passive/defensive position.

Although Malcolm seemed to be doing well Brett had an inferior position and was short of time, and it seemed he might lose. Therefore I advanced my queen-side pawns in an attempt to generate some counter-play ( thinking I might have to win) and consequently lost two pawns.

With 16 seconds to make 6 moves Brett produced a brilliant exchange sacrifice, and his plan led to mate. John sat there for a while seemingly unaware he had been mated - possibly he was in shock. At this point Malcolm was headed for the win , having managed to force Colin's king into the middle of the board.

With four pawns for his piece Peter was winning. He had 13 minutes to my two minutes, and I was desperately clinging on. He advanced the original passed pawn to g7 but I was able to blockade it. With only 36 seconds remaining on my clock a draw was agreed.

Malcolm went on to mate Colin for a fine win. Excellent performance by Lytham who came very close to winning. Preston 1 league champions.