Team Settings

Selecting a team from a match card or an event allows the
team settings to be updateb. There are 6 tabs:

  • Fixtures
  • Players Stats
  • View
  • Edit
  • Avoid Dates
  • Avoid Teams

Within the Edit tab there are two options:

  • Team Details
  • Teams to avoid - for fixture generation

Team Details

Team name
Name for the team
Match Night
This is used by the fixture generation to assign dates.
This is used to determine access to update fixtures and which player list to use
The user who is the captain for this team. The only thing this does is cause the contact details to be listed in the team captains report. To be listed in the drop-down the user must have a login id ( Ask LMS admin via the LMS Contact link at the top) and be a user of the organisation (Admin/ Owners)
Team Order
This is used for ordering the teams within fixture generation. For example if you want to ensure that teams from the same club play each other first.
Team Penalty
This field is used for assigning a team penalty to a team which will appear in the league table under the SP (Season Penalty) column.

Teams to avoid

This is a list of teams (which may be in other divisions) that will not be assigned fixtures on the same day by the fixture date generation.

Match Dates to avoid

The Avoid Dates tab allows dates to specified for which no fixtures will be generated for for this team.