Isle Of Wight Chess Club - Most Improved Players

This report lists those players whose standard play September rating has improved most since the previous year

Grade ImprovementNameClubGradePrevious Grade
308Oleg VerbytskiIsle of Wight20031695
273Rock YuIsle of Wight18261553
112David CollyerIsle of Wight18041692
48Jonathan PeinIsle of Wight23052257
36Gregory KornilovichIsle of Wight11301094
27Gregory Konyakhin BorrellyIsle of Wight16311604
23Francis P BestIsle of Wight18981875
15John P WrenchIsle of Wight19621947
10Graham StuartIsle of Wight17791769
4Bogdan LalicIsle of Wight24292425
2Dave WilliamsIsle of Wight13891387
0Charles Andreas CharalambousIsle of Wight14751475
-10Phil StevensIsle of Wight14361446
-25Joseph D FriarIsle of Wight20332058
-44Richard H EdneyIsle of Wight18281872
-58Keith DF GregoryIsle of Wight19672025
-109Keith C ArkellIsle of Wight23902499