Developer Notes

This system is created using the drupal content management system and anyone starting to maintain it must first become familiar with drupal (version 7 at the time of writing). As well as core drupal, there are a set of custom modules and contents types maintained using the features module that all go together to create the system. There are 2 version on the ECF server:

  • The production version pointed to by the soft link /home/malcolm/lms
  • The test version pointed to by the soft link /home/malcolm/lmstest

Custom Modules

  • Fpdf - this is a wapper round the fpdf class for creating pdf output
  • ecfdata - this is an interface to the ECF grading and membership data
  • league - this is the main controlling module for running leagues and has a number of submodules

The original concept behind the league module was that it would be appropriate for all sports not just chess, but it has not been possible to maintain this idea with the developments done for the ECF. The league submodules are:

  • league_chess - functions specific to chess
  • league_chess_features - the content type fields specific to chess
  • league_ecf - things applicable only to the ECF or done specifically for the ECF (this also contains all the help files)
  • league_ecf_features - content type fields specific to ECF
  • league_event - this is an entity that represents a registered event in the registration system or a season in the LMS
  • league_features - all the content types and fields. mostly league_chess_features and league_ecf_features are not updated anymore because it became too difficult to assign fields to one module or the other.
  • league_generate - generation of fixtures
  • league_player - maintenance of players and player lists ( 2 entities league_player and league_player_list)
  • league_registration - stuff specific to the registration system
  • league_registration_features - content types, fields and views for the registration system
  • league_services - services API for the LMS

Content Types

  • Organisation
  • Event
  • Club
  • Team
  • Fixture
  • Org Page (an ordinary page connected to an organisation )


The Backup and Migrate module is configured to create a database backup once per week and store iy on NodeSquirell