Currently grading information from the LMS should be sent to the ECF grading administrator twice a year, in January and July by a grader.
So you either need to find a local grader willing to grade your event or become a grader yourself. Anyone wishing to become a grader should contact the ECF grading administrator The procedure is as follows:

  • Grader uses the LMS to generate a grading file, supplying a grading event code as input. The grader makes up the event code using a personal 2 letter prefix supplied to them by the grading administrator.
  • The grader uses the ECF checker program to verify the file.
  • The grader emails the file to the ECF grading administrator.
  • The ECF grading administrator processes the file into the grading system or reports problems

The ECF Checker program runs on a Windows based PC. Details will be supplied by the ECF grading administrator who will also inform graders when to send grading files.

The main thing that organisation and event owners must ensure is that players in player lists have the correct ECF grading code against them so that the results are stored against the correct player. Players without a grading code will have one generated by the ECF administrator and assumed to be a new player.

There are some more details on the ECF web site here although it is general information and not specific to the LMS.