Match tie resolution options for knockouts

(Bit of a duplicate with another request)
Choose any of these in whatever order you want for sorting the league table.

League table Order:
1. Game points difference
2. Game points (For) ?
3. Match points
4. Head-to-head results between the tied teams
5. Manual ranking override (you could do this by re-using the team order field, since that is only important for generating fixtures)

(sort alphabetic as well)

Match Tie Resolution (chose one of these)
1. Don't resolve (keep as a tie)
2. Board Count (especially for the KO trophies)
3. Board Elimination (especially for the KO trophies)
4. Lowest graded team.
5. Manual (set winner by match reporter)

Could make tie break a multiple valued field with a widget allowing them to be re-ordered then use delta somehow ?

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