Cheddleton v Newcastle

Jackson Cup Fri 14th Jun 2019   Verify
BoardHomeCheddleton NewcastleAway
1 (W) 139A (1649)
Blackburn, Jon EW
½ - ½
Hirst, Joe
127A (1900)
2 (B) 135B ()
Yee, John Y
½ - ½
Day, John R
130A ()
3 (W) 118A (1611)
Blackburn, Sandra G
0 - 1
Gissi, Alberto
119A (1658)
4 (B) 115A (1603)
Mountford, Caroline L
½ - ½
Clapham, Paul
101C ()
Average1271½ - 2½Average120

Last update Steve Emmerton Sun 16th Jun 2019 23:11. Reported by Alberto Gissi . Verified By Sandra Blackburn


agissi's picture

Thanks to Cheddleton for a very tough match, which looked in their favour until the last few minutes!
The game on board 1 was the first to finish, with a draw offered by Joe and immediately accepted by Jon. Not long afterwards, John Day offered a draw as well and John Yee accepted.
The attention moved to the bottom boards, where I was struggling to defend my position and after miscalculating an exchange I ended up losing a rook for a bishop.
Meanwhile, Paul realised a win or a draw on board 4 wouldn't change the final result, as we still needed at least a draw on board 3 to bring home the cup, so he decided not to risk and he offered a draw as well.
All eyes converged on the two captains and it was just a matter of time before Sandra could convert into a win her material advantage, but unfortunately for her, despite having less then 3 minutes on the clock I managed to find a tactic that allowed me to change completely the balance of the game and run away with a victory.