Show fixtures waiting verification in "Enter Match Results". Button linking to the match card

It would be nice to have a setting at Organisation (or Competition) level which, when turned on, showed an extra set of fixtures beneath those which currently appear when clicking on "Enter Match Results". These would be the fixtures which the user is in a position to verify. These would be the matches were one user has already entered a score but where no-one has yet verified the result, and which the logged in user has permission to verify.

Ideally, in addition to the fixture score being a link to take the user to the entry/verification page, I'd like the row to include the same link but styled as a button and labelled "Enter Scorecard" or "Verify Scorecard" or similar. Perhaps this could appear in an additional column, either at the extreme left or the extreme right.

MP: query needs to list unverified fixtures (those with results but verifier=0) in active seasons where the player is in one of the clubs. Then include fixtures where:
-the 2 teams are from the same club
-the reporter is an owner of both teams clubs
-the reporter is an owner of one teams club and the current user is an owner of the other teams club.
MP: Usually a Button does something, whereas a link takes you somewhere - so maybe a button isn't the right thing? but perhaps some more obvious kind of link ?

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