National Online Club Championships - New Players

These players have no ECF code specified, or the ECF code they have is not valid (possibly it has changed). Pick to search for them in the ECF list

NameECF CodePlayer List
R Ashton250252
Maria Catabay0Colchester
Nilesh Dhokia222534
K Edwards186589
R Glynn111317
Pranay Gogia0Colchester
N Helyard250422
Jamie Heritage0Hebden Bridge
C Hillyard250430
W Hunt102989
Keyur Kandara308854
Rees Popovici0Colchester
D Rogers250600
Yogit Senthilnathan0Uxbridge
L Spacek102164
D Thackeray209317
Alexander Thorndyke0Horsham
Josh Turner261882
Tvisha Varma309206
Julian Ward0