Online Rules

  • Teams of 4
  • Members or recent former members of a club in the Blackpool and Fylde or another local club (eg Central Lancashire league or Lancaster and Morecambe if the existing clubs agree)
  • If one club has 2 teams then they must nominate 2 players from each team who aren't allowed to play for the other team.
  • To be played on lichess. See the 4ncl guidelines here.
  • 4ncl disconnection guidelines
  • Home and away fixtures. Each team shall nominate a home night or a set of dates for their home matches. Day can be changed to another evening by mutual agreement of captains.
  • Start time will be 7:30pm or by mutual agreement between team captains.
  • fixtures will appear on the LMS
  • Away team has white on odds
  • team captains to supply players lichess user ids in advance.
  • team captains to select their team in the league management system an hour or more before the match is due to begin. Board order to be roughly in order of playing strength.
  • An hour before the match start time the team lists and players will become visible to both sides.
  • At the time of the match, the player with the white pieces should click the link in the LMS to the lichess id of their opponent and issue a challenge on lichess. The time limit should be 45 minutes plus 15 seconds per move.
  • Players should inform their team captain of the result. The home team captain should enter it into the LMS
  • Game default time 15 minutes as per 4ncl. A reserve player can be substituted (even if their playing strength would not fit in with the original board order)
  • No league fees
  • This is a friendly league amongst local players known to each other so the intention is that no checks will be made for cheating (ie use of computers), however in the event of an appeal by a club the league committee reserve the right to change this.
  • The games will not be ECF online rated.
  • Disputes should be resolved by the team captains. If they cannot agree then a committee of 3 shall be elected from amongst the other team captains of both divisions in order to resolve it.
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