EACU Online - Duplicate Players

These players have two LMS records in the organisation but the same ECF rating code. Pick the appropriate Keep button for the one you want to keep and it will take you to a confirm screen to merge the records, so don't worry if you aren't sure yet which to keep. You can also pick on the player and use your browser back button to get back here to investiage which to keep. Also it doesn't matter unless there is some differnce between the player details

Rating CodePlayer 1Player 2
220283KKeep 1 Olufemi AdebajoKeep 2 Olufemi Adebajo
295283LKeep 1 NO'D James AlexanderKeep 2 NO'D James Alexander
291461LKeep 1 Dominic BartramKeep 2 Dominic Bartram
189047FKeep 1 Graham E BorrowdaleKeep 2 Graham E Borrowdale
255920BKeep 1 Richard ColiasKeep 2 Richard Colias
290805AKeep 1 Phillip EkhaesomiKeep 2 Phillip Ekhaesomi
309141HKeep 1 Josue Estevez FernandezKeep 2 Josue Estevez Fernandez
304626GKeep 1 Tom A FieldKeep 2 Tom A Field
302322KKeep 1 Lau GainpaulsinghKeep 2 Lau Gainpaulsingh
255917BKeep 1 Girish HariharKeep 2 Girish Harihar
181492JKeep 1 Alan HeathKeep 2 Alan Heath
113186CKeep 1 Mervyn J HughesKeep 2 Mervyn J Hughes
298741HKeep 1 Brynley C JamesKeep 2 Brynley C James
299081HKeep 1 Piotr JurewiczKeep 2 Piotr Jurewicz
327462HKeep 1 Ali KheyrollahiKeep 2 Ali Kheyrollahi
304482JKeep 1 Robert KowalczykKeep 2 Robert Kowalczyk
298915DKeep 1 Francesca MattaKeep 2 Francesca Matta
283074HKeep 1 Baird D McClellanKeep 2 Baird D McClellan
306950DKeep 1 Eric B MeichelKeep 2 Eric B Meichel
304677BKeep 1 Shamal AM MohammedKeep 2 Shamal AM Mohammed
297736KKeep 1 Geir Erik NielsenKeep 2 Geir Erik Nielsen
299319DKeep 1 Ray ParkerKeep 2 Ray Parker
104433DKeep 1 David J PayneKeep 2 David Payne
297402CKeep 1 Abhishek PradhanKeep 2 Abhishek Pradhan
299393EKeep 1 Karthik R RameshKeep 2 Karthik R Ramesh
299581FKeep 1 Lucchesi ReynoldsKeep 2 Lucchesi Reynolds
117887JKeep 1 Alan RichardsonKeep 2 Alan Richardson
306632AKeep 1 Reece RichardsonKeep 2 Reece Richardson
312606HKeep 1 Silvan Daniel R RinckeKeep 2 Silvan Daniel R Rincke
220280DKeep 1 Chuck RobbinsKeep 2 Chuck Robbins
181491GKeep 1 Nick TsimikalisKeep 2 Nick Tsimikalis
323466GKeep 1 Robin WalkerKeep 2 Robin Walker
164283CKeep 1 Steven WayneKeep 2 Steven Wayne
161721HKeep 1 Dave WellsKeep 2 Dave Wells
293410DKeep 1 Robert WhitesideKeep 2 Robert Whiteside
300554KKeep 1 Greg ZajacKeep 2 Greg Zajac