County Championship - will player dropdowns be too long? Do we need a different grading limit option?

New Violation - every player under the grade limit.
Bug in PGN generation - using number of boards in event not match?
Need to be able to hide team list until an hour before match - like restriction for schools league except that needs hiding from anyone but admin/event owners.
Grade total / average is irrelevant - so could be hidden? rather than trying to put in something to add up FIDE ratings.
Currently the show current grade option at org level allows a FIDE option to show FIDE grades - would need open in a separate org => better to have option at event level, perhaps?:
ECF - Standard (S)
ECF - Rapid (R)
FIDE - Standard (F)
FIDE - Rapid (G)
FIDE - Blitz (B)

Don't restrict drop downs by grading limit because they may have played the player by mistake.
Need to report who are none-members but only if FIDE FED = ENG. Also Open players need to be Gold but others need to be Bronze (this could be applied to current none-member report by taking account of the grading status of the event)
(Alex would like flags! )

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