Fareham Chess Club meets on a Tuesday night at the Duke of Connaught’s Own club. We welcome players of all standards and all ages, including beginners and juniors.

We also hold a junior chess club on Saturday mornings.

Fareham Chess Club organises various internal tournaments during the course of the year – one-night events and tournaments that go on throughout the season.

These tournaments are played with differing time controls so will cater for players who prefer either of, or both, slow and faster time limits, many of which are submitted through the English Chess Federation’s grading system for rating purposes.

In addition, the club is entered in local chess leagues(s) with matches held home and away against other local teams.

ECF Club Code: 
Fareham (4FAR) (Club)
OwnersAnthony Corkett(acorkett), Christopher Budden(cbudden), David Elliott(delliott), Keith Gregory(kgregory), Richard Ursell(rursell), Ted Black(tblack)
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