Club Address:
Cross Keys Pub (Upstairs)
13 Earle Street
L3 9NS
(Use side entrance)

Club Night: Mondays and Tuesday 7:30 p.m. except Bank Holidays

Listed Players:
Atticus 1 : TBC
Atticus 2 : TBC
Atticus 3 : TBC
Atticus 4 : TBC

Grades shown above are grades based on ECF Standard OTB September only. Players actual grades may change during the course of the season. Changes to a players grade that may occur during the season are not shown here.

Where a player is ungraded or has a ECF "P" grade and they are selected to play in a grade limited competition:
- The captain who selects them must contact the relevant controller to be allocated an interim local grade for the purposes of that competition. This must be done before the player plays in that competition.
- If, at any point during the season, the player's grade changes to a standard "K" grade, then that "K" grade will become the player's grade for the purposes of grade limited competitions. That grade will be the players grade from the date it is published by the ECF until the end of the season.

ECF Club Code: 
Atticus (7ATT) (Club)
Ownerschris wentworth(cwentworth), Liam David Fisher(lfisher), Nathan Haddy(nhaddy), Sanjoy Banerjee(sbanerjee), stephen kee(skee), Steve Burge(sburge), Tom Webb(twebb)
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