Club Address:
Conservative club
90 Manor Road
CH44 1BZ

Website: https://wallasey.merseysidechess.org.uk/
Club Night: Monday (Wirral League matches) and Thursday (Merseyside League matches)
Match Start Time: 7:30
No disabled access
U-18 Welcome

Alan Kelly

Team Captains:
Wallasey A: Leon Wolszczak
Wallasey B: Dave Barnes
Wallasey C: Duncan Rennie
Wallasey D: Saul Marks
Wallasey E: Alan Kelly
Wallasey JR1: Edward Taylor
Wallasey KA1: Leon Wolszczak

Listed Players:
Wallasey A: David Clark, Phil Davies, Mike Coffey, Richard Kelly, Phil Brine, Titas Vdovycia
Wallasey B: Rick Purcell, David Barnes, Jeff Povall, Edward Taylor, Alan Jackson
Wallasey C: Chris Latham, Ken Jones, Joe Butterworth, Colin Dougherty, Duncan Rennie
Wallasey D: Anthony Roberts, Uvindu Adimali, Steve Clare, Adam Miller, Trevor Shaw, Saul Marks

Grades shown above are grades based on ECF Standard OTB September only. Players actual grades may change during the course of the season. Changes to a players grade that may occur during the season are not shown here.

ECF Club Code: 
Wallasey (7WAL) (Club)
OwnersDave Barnes(dbarnes), Leon Wolszczak(lwolszczak), Mark Kelly(mkelly), Ronald Rennie(drennie), Saul Marks(smarks)
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