The Keddie Cup

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Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
The Gamibiteers1 - 2The Discovered AttackersWed 20th Sep 202319:00OU
The Smothered Mates3 - 2Team KeddieWed 20th Sep 202319:30OU
The Committee2 - 1Holmfirth KnightsWed 20th Sep 202320:00OU
Dewsbury Rams2 - 1HonleyWed 20th Sep 202320:00OU
The Discovered Attackers2 - 1The GamibiteersWed 20th Sep 202320:00OU
Team Keddie2 - 3The Smothered MatesWed 20th Sep 202320:30OU
Holmfirth Knights1½ - 1½The CommitteeWed 20th Sep 202321:00OU
Honley2 - 1Dewsbury RamsWed 20th Sep 202321:00OU
The Smothered Mates2 - 1The Discovered AttackersWed 18th Oct 202319:30OU
Team Keddie3 - 0Holmfirth KnightsWed 18th Oct 202319:30OU
The Discovered Attackers1 - 2The Smothered MatesWed 18th Oct 202319:30OU
The Committee ½ - 2½HonleyWed 18th Oct 202319:30OU
Honley3 - 0The CommitteeWed 18th Oct 202319:30OU
Dewsbury Rams2 - 1Belgrave WarriorsWed 18th Oct 202319:30OU
Belgrave Warriors ½ - 2½Dewsbury RamsWed 18th Oct 202319:30OU
Holmfirth Knights2 - 1Team KeddieWed 18th Oct 202319:30OU
HDCA Nomads0 - 3The GamibiteersWed 18th Oct 202319:30OU
The Gamibiteers2 - 1HDCA NomadsWed 18th Oct 202319:30OU
The Smothered Mates1 - 1HonleyWed 15th Nov 202319:30OU
Dewsbury Rams1 - 1The GamibiteersWed 15th Nov 202319:30OU
The Discovered Attackers1 - 2Holmfirth KnightsWed 15th Nov 202319:30OU
HDCA Nomads0 - 3Belgrave WarriorsWed 15th Nov 202319:30OU
Honley0 - 2The Smothered MatesWed 15th Nov 202320:30OU
The Gamibiteers1 - 1Dewsbury RamsWed 15th Nov 202320:30OU
Holmfirth Knights1 - 2The Discovered AttackersWed 15th Nov 202320:30OU
Belgrave Warriors2 - 1HDCA NomadsWed 15th Nov 202320:30OU
The Committee1 - 2Team KeddieWed 22nd Nov 202319:30OU
Team Keddie2 - 1The CommitteeWed 22nd Nov 202320:30OU
The Smothered Mates2 - 1Dewsbury RamsWed 13th Dec 202319:30OU
Honley1½ - 1½Team KeddieWed 13th Dec 202319:30OU
The Gamibiteers1 - 1Holmfirth KnightsWed 13th Dec 202319:30OU
The Discovered Attackers1 - 2Belgrave WarriorsWed 13th Dec 202319:30OU
The Committee1 - 2HDCA NomadsWed 13th Dec 202319:30OU
Dewsbury Rams1½ - 1½The Smothered MatesWed 13th Dec 202320:30OU
Team Keddie2 - 1HonleyWed 13th Dec 202320:30OU
Holmfirth Knights1 - 1The GamibiteersWed 13th Dec 202320:30OU
Belgrave Warriors2 - 1The Discovered AttackersWed 13th Dec 202320:30OU
HDCA Nomads1 - 2The CommitteeWed 13th Dec 202320:30OU