City Chess Swiss 2023-24

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Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Standard Chartered/NatWest3 - 1Haysmacintyre/Evelyn PartnersTue 10th Oct 202318:30OV
Athenaeum ½ - 3½Barclays 1Tue 10th Oct 202318:30OV
HSBC3½ - ½Societe GeneraleTue 10th Oct 202318:30OV
EBRD3 - 1Bank of England/BloombergTue 10th Oct 202318:30OV
Insurance4 - 0Deutsche BankTue 10th Oct 202318:30OV
LSEG3 - 1Barclays 2Tue 10th Oct 202318:30OV
Barclays 11 - 3InsuranceTue 31st Oct 202318:30OV
LSEG1½ - 2½HSBCTue 31st Oct 202318:30OV
Standard Chartered/NatWest2½ - 1½EBRDTue 31st Oct 202318:30OV
Haysmacintyre/Evelyn Partners3 - 1Bank of England/BloombergTue 31st Oct 202318:30OV
Societe Generale2 - 2AthenaeumTue 31st Oct 202318:30OV
Barclays 20 - 2Deutsche BankTue 31st Oct 202318:30OV
Deutsche Bank1 - 1Morgan StanleyTue 31st Oct 202318:30OV
Morgan Stanley2 - 0Barclays 2Tue 31st Oct 202318:30OV
Insurance2½ - 1½HSBCTue 28th Nov 202318:30OV
Standard Chartered/NatWest4 - 0LSEGTue 28th Nov 202318:30OV
EBRD3 - 1Barclays 1Tue 28th Nov 202318:30OV
Morgan Stanley1½ - 2½Haysmacintyre/Evelyn PartnersTue 28th Nov 202318:30OV
Deutsche Bank2 - 2Societe GeneraleTue 28th Nov 202318:30OV
Bank of England/Bloomberg1 - 3AthenaeumTue 28th Nov 202318:30OV
Macquarie3 - 1Barclays 2Tue 28th Nov 202318:30OV
Insurance1 - 3Standard Chartered/NatWestTue 30th Jan 202418:30OU
HSBC1 - 3EBRDTue 30th Jan 202418:30OU
Haysmacintyre/Evelyn Partners2½ - 1½Barclays 1Tue 30th Jan 202418:30OV
Athenaeum1 - 3Deutsche BankTue 30th Jan 202418:30OU
LSEG0 - 4Morgan StanleyTue 30th Jan 202418:30OU
Societe Generale2½ - 1½MacquarieTue 30th Jan 202418:30OU
Barclays 21 - 3Bank of England/BloombergTue 30th Jan 202418:30OU
HSBC1 - 3Standard Chartered/NatWestTue 27th Feb 202418:30OU
EBRD2 - 2InsuranceTue 27th Feb 202418:30OV
Deutsche Bank1 - 3Haysmacintyre/Evelyn PartnersTue 27th Feb 202418:30OU
Barclays 12 - 2Morgan StanleyTue 27th Feb 202418:30OU
Bank of England/Bloomberg3½ - ½Societe GeneraleTue 27th Feb 202418:30OU
Macquarie1 - 3LSEGTue 27th Feb 202418:30OU
Athenaeum4 - 0Barclays 2Tue 27th Feb 202418:30OU
Morgan Stanley3 - 1Standard Chartered/NatWestTue 19th Mar 202418:30OU
Haysmacintyre/Evelyn Partners4 - 0EBRDTue 19th Mar 202418:30OU
Insurance3 - 1AthenaeumTue 19th Mar 202418:30OV
Barclays 11½ - 2½HSBCTue 19th Mar 202418:30OU
Bank of England/Bloomberg3½ - ½LSEGTue 19th Mar 202418:30OU
Deutsche Bank2 - 0MacquarieTue 19th Mar 202418:30OU
Macquarie2 - 0Societe GeneraleTue 19th Mar 202418:30OU
Societe Generale0 - 2Deutsche BankTue 19th Mar 202418:30OU
Haysmacintyre/Evelyn Partners0 - 4Standard Chartered/NatWestTue 9th Apr 202418:30OU
Morgan Stanley1 - 3InsuranceTue 9th Apr 202418:30OV
Deutsche Bank0 - 4Bank of England/BloombergTue 9th Apr 202418:30OU
Athenaeum2 - 2EBRDTue 9th Apr 202418:30OU
HSBC3 - 1LSEGTue 9th Apr 202418:30OU
Macquarie0 - 4Barclays 1Tue 9th Apr 202418:30OU
Societe Generale4 - 0Barclays 2Tue 9th Apr 202418:30OU