Division 3

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Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Cirencester3 - 2Wotton Hall WombatsTue 26th Sep 202319:15OU
Wotton Hall Hippos2½ - 2½Forest of DeanWed 27th Sep 202319:30OU
Stroud Cubs1 - 4Cheltenham GambitsThu 28th Sep 202319:30OU
Forest of Dean2 - 3Cheltenham GambitsMon 9th Oct 202319:15OU
Gloucester1½ - 3½Wotton Hall HipposTue 10th Oct 202319:15OU
Cirencester3 - 2Stroud CubsTue 10th Oct 202319:15OU
Wotton Hall Wombats4 - 1Bishop's CleeveWed 11th Oct 202319:30OU
Gloucester ½ - 4½CirencesterTue 24th Oct 202319:15OU
Bishop's Cleeve1½ - 3½Wotton Hall HipposThu 26th Oct 202319:30OU
Stroud Cubs3½ - 1½Forest of DeanThu 26th Oct 202319:30OU
Cheltenham Gambits3 - 2Wotton Hall WombatsThu 26th Oct 202319:30OU
Wotton Hall Hippos3½ - 1½CirencesterWed 8th Nov 202319:30OU
Wotton Hall Wombats4½ - ½Stroud CubsWed 8th Nov 202319:30OU
Cheltenham Gambits3 - 2GloucesterThu 9th Nov 202319:30OU
Bishop's Cleeve2½ - 2½Forest of DeanThu 9th Nov 202319:30OU
Forest of Dean3½ - 1½CirencesterMon 20th Nov 202319:15OU
Gloucester2 - 3Wotton Hall WombatsTue 21st Nov 202319:15OU
Stroud Cubs3 - 2Wotton Hall HipposThu 23rd Nov 202319:30OU
Bishop's Cleeve2 - 3Cheltenham GambitsThu 23rd Nov 202319:30OU
Gloucester4 - 1Bishop's CleeveTue 28th Nov 202319:15OU
Cirencester3 - 2Bishop's CleeveTue 5th Dec 202319:15OU
Wotton Hall Wombats2½ - 2½Forest of DeanWed 6th Dec 202319:30OU
Wotton Hall Hippos1½ - 3½Cheltenham GambitsWed 6th Dec 202319:30OU
Stroud Cubs3 - 2GloucesterThu 7th Dec 202319:30OU
Forest of Dean4½ - ½GloucesterMon 15th Jan 202419:15OU
Wotton Hall Wombats3½ - 1½Wotton Hall HipposWed 17th Jan 202419:30OU
Cheltenham Gambits1 - 4CirencesterThu 18th Jan 202419:30OU
Bishop's Cleeve3½ - 1½Stroud CubsThu 25th Jan 202419:30OU
Forest of Dean4½ - ½Wotton Hall HipposMon 29th Jan 202419:15OU
Wotton Hall Wombats1 - 4CirencesterWed 31st Jan 202419:30OU
Cheltenham Gambits2½ - 2½Stroud CubsThu 1st Feb 202419:30OU
Bishop's Cleeve3½ - 1½GloucesterThu 1st Feb 202419:30OU
Gloucester3 - 2Wotton Hall HipposTue 13th Feb 202419:15OU
Cheltenham Gambits3 - 2Forest of DeanThu 15th Feb 202419:30OU
Stroud Cubs3 - 2CirencesterThu 15th Feb 202419:30OU
Bishop's Cleeve2½ - 2½Wotton Hall WombatsThu 15th Feb 202419:30OU
Forest of Dean1½ - 3½Stroud CubsMon 26th Feb 202419:15OU
Cirencester3 - 2GloucesterTue 27th Feb 202419:15OU
Wotton Hall Hippos2½ - 2½Bishop's CleeveWed 28th Feb 202419:30OU
Wotton Hall Wombats2 - 3Cheltenham GambitsWed 28th Feb 202419:30OU
Forest of Dean2½ - 2½Bishop's CleeveMon 11th Mar 202419:15OU
Gloucester1 - 4Cheltenham GambitsTue 12th Mar 202419:15OU
Cirencester3 - 2Wotton Hall HipposTue 12th Mar 202419:15OU
Stroud Cubs3 - 2Wotton Hall WombatsThu 14th Mar 202419:30OU
Forest of Dean3 - 2CirencesterMon 25th Mar 202419:15OU
Wotton Hall Hippos2½ - 2½Stroud CubsWed 27th Mar 202419:30OU
Wotton Hall Wombats3 - 2GloucesterWed 27th Mar 202419:30OU
Cheltenham Gambits3 - 2Bishop's CleeveThu 28th Mar 202419:30OU
Gloucester1 - 4Stroud CubsTue 2nd Apr 202419:15OU
Forest of Dean3 - 2Wotton Hall WombatsMon 8th Apr 202419:15OU
Cheltenham Gambits2 - 3Wotton Hall HipposThu 11th Apr 202419:30OU
Bishop's Cleeve3½ - 1½CirencesterThu 11th Apr 202419:30OU
Cirencester2 - 3Cheltenham GambitsTue 23rd Apr 202419:15OU
Gloucester3½ - 1½Forest of DeanTue 23rd Apr 202419:15OU
Wotton Hall Hippos3 - 2Wotton Hall WombatsWed 24th Apr 202419:30OU
Stroud Cubs3½ - 1½Bishop's CleeveThu 25th Apr 202419:30OU