Bexhill 4 v Eastbourne 4

Division 3 Fri 17th Nov 2023   Verify
BoardHomeBexhill 4Eastbourne 4Away
1 (B) 1509
Chapman, Luke
0 - 1
Giles, Anthony
2 (W) 1797
Carthew, Jo
0 - 1
Lekic, Dejan
3 (B) 0000
Booth, Edward
0 - 1
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Goodyer, Ian
4 (W) 0000
Chapman, Mike
0 - 1
Wright, John
Average8270 - 4Average1648

Last update David Fryer Mon 20th Nov 2023 09:28. Reported by David Fryer Mon 20th Nov 2023 09:28. Verified By Ian Goodyer Thu 30th Nov 2023 13:44


Apologies Booth was on 3 and Carthew on 2

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On board two, as mentioned, Jo Carthew (361133E) played as white against Dejan Lekic (who has correct ECF code).
On board three Edward Booth (361134G) played Ian Goodyear.
On board four, Michael Chapman (362603K - registered as Mike Chapman on ECF it seems) played John Wright.
All Eastbourne 4 players have correct ECF grading codes, however Edward, and Michael need their code properly set, and as mentioned, boards two and three need to have correct list of players.

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Is it now correct bill?

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Bill can you update the ECF codes for Michael and Ed in your team as Dejan provides? It will ensure their grading happens as smoothly as possible

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When adding new players to your list always try 'add existing player' first only if you cannot find the right player then use 'add new player'
In this case both players had played rating games in the Bexhill internal tournament - when they were entered for that tournament Mike was used as first name - should he wis h to be known as Michael then edit his name.

I have amended this result so that the players match correctly.

Thanks David