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Northamptonshire Silver King League 2023-24 Season

LMS home page

The default number of players is 4 players per team (but if agreed by captains before the match, teams can comprise of 5 players)

The "John Robinson knock out competition" will consist of teams of 5 players

All games will be rated on a monthly basis via the LMS grading system.


Rule changes this season:

The away team shall have the White pieces on odd boards in the leagues and a coin toss for colours in the K.O. competition

The time control is 70 minutes for the whole game plus 10 seconds increments added and you do not need to record your moves if your clock time goes below 5 minutes


It is expected that clubs will field their teams in strength order (i.e. strongest player on board 1, weakest on board 4 or 5)

This is a results page where players can check real time results. Results are updated within seconds as soon as your team captain submits them.