Camberley Junior Chess Club - Games By Non-ECF Members

OTB Games played in active seasons by players who are not ECF members or whose membership expires before June 30th or the game was played after their membership expired. Note that although not members now, they could have been members when the games were played.

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of gamesReason
Viyaan Goel3585334069820Expiry before June 30th
Advay Jha3489803362012Expiry before June 30th
Azob Chick08Non Member
Mariia Semeniuk358535405217Expiry before June 30th
Quinn Sutlieff353820378324Expiry before June 30th
Charles Dewen Gao344134301723Expiry before June 30th
Frankie Parsons358534405403Expiry before June 30th
Viyaan Goel358533406982Expiry before game
Mayuri Bradeepan353821379172Expiry before June 30th
Marilyn Fall02Non Member
Krish Kotecha353824379291.5Expiry before June 30th
Fryderyk Wielgosz01.5Non Member
James Podlecki01.5Non Member
Scarlet Wishart01.5Non Member
Berkay Coskun354569385271.5Expiry before June 30th
Harry Wan01Non Member
Mahathi Bradeepan353822379181Expiry before June 30th
Dhanvi Gorthy347174327651Expiry before June 30th
Keyan Atassi359274409751Expiry before June 30th
George Wang01Non Member
Rian Sahni346623321641Expiry before June 30th
Kareem Atassi359273409740.5Expiry before June 30th
Kiara Goel00.5Non Member

Based on membership information from the rating system updated on Wed 24th July 2024 .