Ringwood A v Southbourne A

B&DCL Div 1 Mon 9th Oct 2023   Verify
BoardHomeRingwood ASouthbourne AAway
1 (B) 2066
Anderson, Peter W
1 - 0
Forster, James Connor C
2 (W) 1878
Willetts, Graham J
½ - ½
Simons, Martin J
3 (B) 1820
Clancy, Martin J
½ - ½
Pegg, Russell M
4 (W) 1812
Ormesher, Richard
0 - 1
Schell, Finn
Total75762 - 2Total8052

Last update Peter Anderson Mon 9th Oct 2023 22:07. Reported by Peter Anderson Mon 9th Oct 2023 22:07. Verified By Martin J Simons Tue 10th Oct 2023 08:30


Always a pleasure to welcome Southbourne.

First to finish were Graham and Martin who had a very stodgy game and soon agreed a draw in a level position. Martin and Russell's game was more complicated but as pieces came off they too agreed a draw. Finn had looked better against Richard for some time and started accumulating material to bring about the win. Finally, Peter was a pawn up against James in an endgame with a long grind in prospect when James blundered an exchange and resigned next move.

So a drawn match which given the rating differences between the teams felt like a good start to the season for Ringwood.

Many thanks to Ringwood for the warm welcome and tea & biscuits.

The individual games were as reported by Peter. Russ was kicking himself he had not played on his position as post match analysis suggested he still had a little advantage. However, overall, it seemed like a fair result with both teams missing a player or two.

We look forward to the return match at Southbourne.