Reports, tables and statistics

The LMS has:

  • League tables
  • Player performance statistics
  • Fixture lists
  • Access to the above for previous seasons
  • Reports for organisers


Our club has several internal rapidplay tournaments each season, held over one evening. I have read the help on generating rating files in LMS, but I am confused as to how you can generate a rating file for submission to the ECF grader without having to put all the individual match results in (over 5 rounds there might be 60 or more results). We use VEGA software to generate the pairings, etc, which can produce grading files in ECF format, so is it possible to use these within LMS? I dont see a way to do this, but any help would be appreciated. Also the LMS help mentions the .TXT format grading file being fed straight into the checker program, but as far as I can see you need an ECF grader account to do this?