TORBAY CHESS LEAGUE (Affiliated to Devon County Chess Association)

The Administrator & Competition Secretary for the Torbay Chess League ECF LMS is:
Tony Tatam, email:

The next AGM/ACM Fixture meeting will be held on Wednesday 2nd October 2024 at Torquay Grammar School for Boys at 7pm.

Rating Limits:
Division 1 - Open
Division 2 - Maximum team rating Under 6800
Division 3 - Maximum team rating Under 6400
Division 4 - Maximum team rating Under 6000 and Maximum Individual rating of 1600
Rapidplay - Maximum team rating Under 7000
KO - Maximum team rating Under 10000

Standardplay rate of play: All moves in 60 mins plus 30 secs increments, except that all matches
involving Torquay BGS, Devonport HSB and Stover School, will be played at 35 moves in 75 minutes plus 15 minutes.
Rapidplay rate of play: All moves in 25 mins plus 10 secs increment.

Welcome to the TCL on-line Match Results Reporting.
If you have access to enter results, then select the Match Event from the list on the left, then click on the Match result to enter details.
If details of the Match have already been entered then you will need to 'Verify' the result.
Please report any errors or problems to Tony Tatam.

NOTE: If you have a player in your team who is not on your 'drop down' Club player list, then contact Tony Tatam, who will have access to add new players.