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This site is the main source for each of the following:

The BACL website www.buryleaguechess.org remains the main source for BACL news, Club Venue details, the BACL rules, and a variety of other useful information.

Because the ECF LMS was not created with only the Bury Area Chess League in mind, some of the features may not align perfectly with the BACL rules. If you come across anything of the kind, please get in touch and we'll see what can be done about it. We'll also make a note of it in the list below, so as to avoid the issue tripping people up if possible.

BACL Bonus Point
The bonus point is not added within result of individual fixtures. It is added to points total in the league tables.

User Guide
I have started to put together a user-guide to some of the less obvious functionality within the LMS. You can find it here. So far it includes:

  • Adding New Players
  • Adding or Amending an Estimated Rating

If there are other things you find confusing about the LMS and would like to see covered in the user-guide, please get in touch.

Nominated Players for 2023-24

All ratings below are, or at least should be, original August 2023 ratings (A or K suffixed) or estimates. For rules relating to team nominations, ratings, board order and eligibility see sections 3 and 5 of the league rules:
Division 1
Team Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Bury St Edmunds Cobras Mike Harris (2316) Mark Le-Vine (2055) Adam John (1906) Alan Watkins (1821)
Bury St Edmunds Scarabs Jaden Jermy (2156) Jan Balogh (2014) Steve Ruthen (1898) Andrew Shephard (1868)
Cambridge Bollards Agoston Mihalik (2256) Dan Waller (2086) Arnav Srivastava (2060) Benjamin Phillips (1857)
Cambridge Choristers Rafe Martyn (2380) Szymon Palucha (2107) Philip Fallon (2026) Christopher Hampton (1905)
Cambridge Examiners Richard Tozer (2368) Anas Ibn-Saffullah (2093) Norman Hutchinson (2044) Trevor Robbins (1967)
Ely Beet Bishops Akito Oyama (2264) Martyn Goodger (2130) Oliver Lenton (1951) Ben Tarlow (1818)
Linton Leopards Chris Davison (2100) James Cole (2092) Paul Kemp (2021) Ruben Evans (1994)
Linton Lions Abigail Weersing (2167) Liam Varnam (2118) Aarnavh Trivedi (1981) Paul McMahon (1918)
Division 2
Team Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Bury St Edmunds Hornets James Pack (1897) Colin Roberts (1755) Judith Heffer (1700) Mark Heffer (1684)
Bury St Edmunds Vipers Andrew Donnelly (1822) Peter Newton (1687) Zeb Strela (1675) Dan Pugh (1624)
Cambridge Academicals James Luong (1787) Alan Norman (1709) Jason Skelton (1676) Kelvin Hunter (1669)
Cambridge Gowns Ole Bay-Petersen (1810) Tom Bramley (1797) Stuart Jeffreys (1752) David Cattermole (1637)
Linton Llamas Alan Richardson (1934) Oded Pilowsky-Bankirer (1870) Anthony Chan (1760) James Briginshaw (1754)
Linton Lynxes Konrad Sheffler (1922) Rod Newbery (1758) Alan Wadsworth (1720) Greg Thompson (1610)
Newmarket Thoroughbreds Piotr Wasilak (1952) Soleil Moluh (e1900) Eugene Husband (1688) Charles Richmond (1588)
Division 3
Team Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 Board 4
Bury St Edmunds Barracudas Danny Harrison (1634) Lawrence Garside (1508) Craig Bradshaw (1500) Jordan Bailey (e1500)
Bury St Edmunds Earwigs Sergeys Starodubcevs (e1650) Sam Harrison (e1600) Anthony Taylor (1568) Hugo Smith (1453)
Ely Beet Rooks Brittany Barrett (1546) Steve Ashworth (1508) Dan Finch (1485) Nathan Cartledge (e1400)
Linton Lemurs Adam Turvey (1656) Simon Marsden (1602) Shivum Gordon-Shah (1588) Michael Osborn (1553)
Newmarket Dark Horses Dale Stephenson (1716) Dan Pugh (1624) Miriam Weeks (1399) Fraser Jones (1373)
Stowmarket James Irwin (1768) Chris Wescomb (1676) David Green (1611) Mark Bettley (1581)
Sudbury Jakob Tulic (1675) Robert Kent (1524) Andrew Last (1521) Mark Tate (1452)