Crewe Perry 'A' v Newcastle

Perry Trophy Wed 1st May 2019   Verify
BoardHomeCrewe Perry 'A'NewcastleAway
1 (B) 104A (1880)
Gardiner, Harry
1 - 0
Clapham, Paul
101C ()
2 (W) 103L (1479)
Bulbeck, Julian
0 - 1
Wright, Nicholas PA
104A (1471)
3 (B) 084L (1423)
Nienaber, Kobus
0 - 1
Tombs, Jeffrey G
103C ()
4 (W) 089L (1440)
Fields, Adam
1 - 0
Ashby, David E
094E ()
Total3802 - 2Total402

Last update Steve Emmerton Fri 3rd May 2019 11:03. Reported by Paul Clapham . Verified By Steve Emmerton


Well played to Newcastle for the win in the Perry trophy tonight, a well deserved hard fought match which could have gone either way, and won on board elimination in the end
Thanks to my A team for a fantastic fight

A busy evening at Crewe tonight with three Cup Finals and a few friendly games. Good to see Crewe thriving with such excellent support.
Our Perry Cup Final was a very close match as shown by the teams being level on board count. Thankfully on board elimination Newcastle can claim the win. Thanks to Jeff and Nic with wins to secure the match.