Ashby Ivanhoe Chess Club - Duplicate Players

These players have two LMS records in the organisation but the same ECF rating code. Pick the appropriate Keep button for the one you want to keep and it will take you to a confirm screen to merge the records, so don't worry if you aren't sure yet which to keep. You can also pick on the player and use your browser back button to get back here to investiage which to keep. Also it doesn't matter unless there is some differnce between the player details

Rating CodePlayer 1Player 2
293494CKeep 1 Joseph P AlcockKeep 2 Joseph P Alcock
296869BKeep 1 William MT AllenKeep 2 William MT Allen
283538BKeep 1 Sam G BeardmoreKeep 2 Sam G Beardmore
292601FKeep 1 Aaron M BinksKeep 2 Aaron M Binks
298058HKeep 1 Joshua T BrownKeep 2 Joshua T Brown
277178AKeep 1 Alex J CartlidgeKeep 2 Alex J Cartlidge
306357EKeep 1 Robert J CooperKeep 2 Robert J Cooper
298987GKeep 1 Thomas WP CrickKeep 2 Thomas WP Crick
283381FKeep 1 Matthew EdwardsKeep 2 Matthew Edwards
302470CKeep 1 Ethan RJ Gilman-HawkesKeep 2 Ethan RJ Gilman-Hawkes
287351FKeep 1 Stephen HolmesKeep 2 Stephen Holmes
294323CKeep 1 Chad P JacksonKeep 2 Chad P Jackson
294324EKeep 1 Kane J JacksonKeep 2 Kane J Jackson
294325GKeep 1 Robert D JacksonKeep 2 Robert D Jackson
290770HKeep 1 Sian C JonesKeep 2 Sian C Jones
298056DKeep 1 Jamie D JonesKeep 2 Jamie D Jones
303450BKeep 1 Jasmine H JonesKeep 2 Jasmine H Jones
285452BKeep 1 Daniel JP LomaxKeep 2 Daniel JP Lomax
283369EKeep 1 Andrei I MihaiKeep 2 Andrei I Mihai
290768KKeep 1 Caroline L MountfordKeep 2 Caroline L Mountford
291209AKeep 1 Thivyaa RahulanKeep 2 Thivyaa Rahulan
300667AKeep 1 Isabelle M RoseKeep 2 Isabelle M Rose
292603KKeep 1 William G SanzeriKeep 2 William G Sanzeri
298054LKeep 1 Emily E SanzeriKeep 2 Emily E Sanzeri
290771KKeep 1 Emma K ScotchfordKeep 2 Emma K Scotchford
294326JKeep 1 Richard AR SheldonKeep 2 Richard AR Sheldon
298055BKeep 1 Victoria AE SheldonKeep 2 Victoria AE Sheldon
292604AKeep 1 Elizabeth Libby SherrattKeep 2 Elizabeth Libby Sherratt
294382HKeep 1 Raj SV ShresthaKeep 2 Raj SV Shrestha
294389LKeep 1 Priya K ShresthaKeep 2 Priya K Shrestha
286584BKeep 1 Jacob Z SmithKeep 2 Jacob Z Smith
289299GKeep 1 Laura X SmithKeep 2 Laura X Smith
294386EKeep 1 Oliver SnapeKeep 2 Oliver Snape
294393BKeep 1 Jack SnapeKeep 2 Jack Snape
301295FKeep 1 Louisa M SwarbrookKeep 2 Louisa M Swarbrook
302375JKeep 1 Christian EH TattumKeep 2 Christian EH Tattum
287038BKeep 1 Dominic MW TaylorKeep 2 Dominic MW Taylor
298059KKeep 1 Amanda WhittinghamKeep 2 Amanda Whittingham
294391JKeep 1 Emily TM WoodKeep 2 Emily TM Wood
294394DKeep 1 James PA WoodKeep 2 James PA Wood
290772AKeep 1 Aaron C WoolliscroftKeep 2 Aaron C Woolliscroft
290773CKeep 1 Bethany K WoolliscroftKeep 2 Bethany K Woolliscroft
290774EKeep 1 Lewis M WoolliscroftKeep 2 Lewis M Woolliscroft