Welcome to the ECF Online County Championship Results Service.

2021 CHAMPIONSHIPS comprise
Minor Open - a competition for teams with an average rating of 1900 or below
U1800 - a competition for teams with players rated below 1800

Congratulations to Northumberland on retaining their Championship title and a remarkable treble across all three events.

Website: https://www.englishchess.org.uk/online-counties-championships-2021/
Chess.com club: https://www.chess.com/club/ecf-online-english-county-championships

Qualifiers – top two from each section qualify
Minor – Team Swiss rounds on 12 &19 June, 03 & 17 July and 21 August
U1800 – All play all played on matchdays 12 June, 17 July and 21 August
Finals – all sections on 18 September

Eligibility: A player was eligible to represent one of the following historical counties of England in the Championship if the player was an ECF member or supporter, is not barred from ECF online Clubs, had an active chess.com playing account (and had not held any others); and meets one of the following criteria:
(i) Birth in that county.
(ii) Five years’ domicile in that county at any time.
(iii) Two months’ immediate previous and present membership of a club either in or affiliated to that County.
(iv) One month’s immediately previous and present domicile in that County.
(v) Present attendance as a student at a school, college or university in that County.

Competing County Associations in the 2020 Online Counties Championships:
Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire (a combined team in the Open), Berkshire (Open), Cheshire & North Wales (Open), Cumbria (Open), Derbyshire (Open), Devon (Open), Essex (Open & U1825), Gloucestershire (Open), Greater Manchester (Open & U1825), Hampshire (Open), Leicestershire & Rutland (Open & U1825), Lincolnshire (Open & U1825), Middlesex (Open A & B & U1825), Norfolk Open & U1825), Northumberland (Open & U1825), Oxfordshire (Open & U1825), Shropshire (Open), Somerset (Open), Surrey (Open & U1825), Warwickshire (Open), Worcestershire (Open) and Yorkshire (Open).

They were joined in the National 1400 by players from around the country who had signed up for the Regional Competition playing in a 3 round individual Swiss under competition conditions. The National rain alongside these competitions for players who missed out on selection or who wished to have an additional game against an event participant.