This League shall be known as the Leamington and District Chess League.

The objectives of the League shall be: - to promote an interest in chess throughout the district; to arrange chess competitions between clubs or teams in membership of the League; to organize individual championships for affiliated League players. (An affiliated League player is a player who is in good standing with a member club of the League and with the English Chess Federation).

A Committee consisting of the League’s officers shall control the business of the League.

The League's honorary officers shall be the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary, Competitions Secretary, ECF Delegate, Grading Officer, Trophies Officer, Webmaster, Congress Director, and any other post that the AGM may approve from time to time as part of its normal business. All officers shall be affiliated League players and shall be elected annually at the AGM. Retiring officers shall be eligible for re-election. If a vacancy occurs mid-season the Committee may co-opt a replacement.

Membership shall be open to clubs or teams who accept financial liability for the grading of their players' games and whose application for membership shall be approved by the AGM. It is a condition of playing in any League competition that a team's players agree to their grading information being published on the ECF and League websites.