The National Online Club Championships will be played over the weekend of 26th-28th June. There are likely to be three sections, but this will be determined following the closing date when the exact number of entries will be known. There will be five rounds. Each team will consist of six players, but you may have a pool of up to 10 (a player may only play for one team). The Championships will be played on the lichess platform and managed through LMS.

The times of each rounds are as follows:
• Round One: Friday 26th June 19.30 - finish
• Round Two: Saturday 27th June 10.00 - finish
• Round Three: Saturday 27th June 14.30 -finish
• Round Four: Sunday 28th June 10.00 - finish
• Round Five: Sunday 28th June 14.30 -finish.

The number of clubs (as opposed to the number of teams) can be seen on this page and will be updated as new teams join the event.

Information of how to take part in the event, including an entry form, full set of rules and the Online Fair Play and Anti-Cheating Rules can be found on the ECF web site

The Tournament Controller is Stephen Greep ( and the Chief Arbiter Douglas Vleeshhouwer ( Informal enquiries may be made to the tournament controller.