Isle Of Man Chess Club - Most Improved Players

This report lists those players whose standard play September rating has improved most since the previous year

Grade ImprovementNameClubGradePrevious Grade
109Ben BosworthIsle of Man14351326
105Victor MagoldIsle of Man19911886
59Kyle CrossIsle of Man14661407
37John CostelloIsle of Man17961759
36Keith AllenIsle of Man21452109
30Silvester SiposIsle of Man19621932
28Alan OrmsbyIsle of Man19091881
25Glenn CrossIsle of Man17711746
11Brian TowersIsle of Man18961885
6Sanjay Savio GumireddyIsle of Man18691863
1Francis ThodayIsle of Man18341833
0Harry MinorIsle of Man14861486
0Callum QuirkIsle of Man14711471
-2James V HodgsonIsle of Man15281530
-7Neil T DaviesIsle of Man19091916
-8Paul SmithIsle of Man16961704
-10Antony JacksonIsle of Man14501460
-19John GriffinIsle of Man15351554
-24Brian Robert WoodardIsle of Man16701694
-25Howard EJ DobsonIsle of Man17291754