Uxbridge Chess Club - Games By Non-ECF Members

OTB Games played in active seasons by players who are not ECF members or whose membership expires before June 30th or the game was played after their membership expired. Note that although not members now, they could have been members when the games were played.

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of gamesReason
Ibrahim Ramzan356475397268Expiry before June 30th
Milan Thakar359243410236Non Member
Viktor Koselev343756378473.5Expiry before June 30th
Thrisha Patel357797402043Expiry before June 30th
Sheldon Andreez345019308992.5Expiry before June 30th
Stutya Kaushik352780371142Expiry before June 30th
Leo Fulhaber355812392972Expiry before game
Harry Francis358799409181.5Expiry before June 30th
Nicolas Szajkowski352869372181.5Expiry before June 30th
Aryaman Bansal340033255381.5Non Member
Hare Mohan Gordhan358746409271.5Expiry before June 30th
Shishir Aadharsh Rao357816402601.5Expiry before June 30th
Niranjan R Ramesh3611471Non Member
Roman Koselev357855402731Expiry before June 30th
Ash Gaind01Non Member
Kei Hon Tang326059248711Expiry before June 30th
Muizz Adisa-Agaba00.5Non Member
Daniel Korinek359244411980.5Non Member

Based on membership information from the rating system updated on Wed 24th July 2024 .