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Welcome to the results reporting and display service for the Essex Chess League incorporating the U1650 Essex Chess Minor League under the auspices of the Essex Chess Association. Visit our website for information about the Association and our activities at

The 2021/22 season was the first season to use the ECF's League Management System "LMS" following the switch by the English Chess Federation to 4 digit ELO ratings and with it the publication of monthly official & revised rating lists as well as live ratings as results are submitted. You can review previous season's results by selecting "Previous Seasons" from the menu banner above. Results from seasons of the Essex Leagues prior to 2021/22 can be viewed at:

Please note that the Essex Chess Association has a separate "organisation" entry on the LMS dedicated to its non-league rated activities whether over-the-board or online. The Essex rapid team Knockout can be found there.

The left hand side "Events" panel displays the four competitions that are running in 2023/2024. The right hand side "Clubs" panel displays the participating Essex Clubs, where you can find player lists. Fixtures can be accessed from the menu above or from the Events/Club pages.

All divisions and the Minor League for the 2023/24 season will be on an all play all, home and away basis. The LMS tables do not necessarily reflect standings under the League Rules.

Essential reading: 2022/23 rules and conditions.
Essex League Rules (C19):
Additional Essex Minor League Rules: (C19)
H&S Conditions of Entry & Playing Conditions:

Barred Lists 2023-24 Season:

The barred list and amendments are published here.

Division 1
David Sands
Jeff Goldberg
Zaki Harari
Roman Ismailov
Peter Jaszkiwskij
Sebastian Polunak

Division 2
Colin Ramage
James Robinson
Edison Figueroa
Igor Naumov



Division 2
Neville Twitchell
Rahul Ghose
Tom Barton
Venkatesh Subramanian

Division 1
Bob Eames
Kevin Bowmer
Bill Stirling
George Horan
Stephen Middleton
Dave Faulkner

Division 2
Neil Sutherland
Howard Grist
Julian Corfield
Steve Wedlock

Minor A
Andrew Offord
Farhan Abedin

Minor B
Derek Reynolds
Tomas Eastwood

Division 1
Martin McCall
John Davenport
Scott Robson
Alexandr Pereslavtsev
Andrew E Robertson
Rob Gill

Division 2
Leslie J Crane
Aidan Corish
Nick Pelling
Mustapha Rahaman

Minor A
Geoff Cooper
Ian Smith

Minor B
Peter Biggs
Sergey Pereslavtsev

Division 1
Artur Sygulski
Oliver Gill
John Hodgson
David Spearman
John Cawdery
Partha Mulay

Division 2 - Wanstead 2
Steve Rix
Paul Bancroft
Ashley Freeman
Ian Hunnable

Division 2 - Wanstead 3
Terry Whitton
Philip Staniland
Istvan Karacsony
Finbar McLoughlin



End of barred list