Team Captains

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BatterseaDave Luckin TrophyLeon Watson***************
Coulsdon Chess Club BMartin Cath TrophyDaniel Gliddon***************
Coulsdon Chess Club CDave Luckin TrophyDaniel Gliddon***************
Coulsdon Chess Club DDeric Cox TrophyDaniel Gliddon***************
HMRC Croydon CDave Luckin TrophyMarcus Rubin***************
HMRC Croydon DDeric Cox TrophyJordan Stehr***************
Lewisham ACroydon ShieldTim Gluckman***************
Lewisham BMartin Cath TrophyRoderick Wigbout***************
Lewisham CDave Luckin TrophyMartin Stewart***************
Lewisham DDeric Cox TrophyCristiano Marchettini***************
Petts Wood & Orpington ACroydon ShieldJean-Baptiste Jugand***************
Petts Wood & Orpington BMartin Cath TrophyLuke Hartley***************
Petts Wood & Orpington RDavid Hodgson TrophyJean-Baptiste Jugand***************
South Norwood BMartin Cath TrophyPaul D Dupré***************
South Norwood CDave Luckin TrophyMichael Collins ***************
South Norwood DDeric Cox TrophyMichael Collins ***************
Streatham ACroydon ShieldRichard Tillett***************
Streatham BMartin Cath TrophyRichard Tillett***************
Streatham CDave Luckin TrophyRichard Tillett***************
Streatham DDeric Cox TrophyRichard Tillett***************
Streatham RDavid Hodgson TrophyRichard Tillett***************
Wallington CDave Luckin TrophyDavid Jones***************
West Wickham ACroydon ShieldMark Smith***************
West Wickham BMartin Cath TrophySteve Madden***************
West Wickham CDave Luckin TrophyAdrian Russell Philip Davey***************
West Wickham DDeric Cox TrophyNick Glanvile***************