Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeEventStatus
Bracknell A0 - 5University of Reading AThu 28th Sep 202319:30Division TwoOV
Newbury A2½ - 2½Crowthorne AThu 5th Oct 202319:30Division OneOV
Maidenhead C4½ - ½Reading EMon 9th Oct 202319:30Division ThreeOV
Maidenhead PPCA6 - 0Bracknell PPCAMon 9th Oct 202319:30Premier Precision TrophyOV
Crowthorne B1½ - 3½University of Reading AWed 11th Oct 202319:30Division TwoOV
Reading B2 - 3Reading CThu 12th Oct 202319:30Division TwoOV
Bourne End A4 - 1Camberley AWed 18th Oct 202319:30Division OneOV
Reading A2½ - 2½Crowthorne AThu 19th Oct 202319:30Division OneOV
Reading D4 - 1University of Reading BThu 19th Oct 202319:30Division ThreeOV
Camberley A2½ - 2½Maidenhead AThu 26th Oct 202319:30Division OneOV
Reading PPCA4 - 2Crowthorne PPCAThu 26th Oct 202319:30Premier Precision TrophyOV
Reading A2½ - 2½Bourne End AThu 2nd Nov 202319:30Division OneOV
Maidenhead B4½ - ½Camberley BMon 6th Nov 202319:30Division TwoOV
Crowthorne C3 - 2Camberley CWed 8th Nov 202319:30Division ThreeOV
University of Reading A4 - 1Reading CThu 9th Nov 202319:30Division TwoOV
Reading B3½ - 1½Crowthorne BThu 9th Nov 202319:30Division TwoOV
Camberley PPCA5½ - ½Henley PPCAThu 9th Nov 202319:30Premier Precision TrophyOV
Crowthorne A3½ - 1½Camberley AWed 15th Nov 202319:30Division OneOV
Camberley B4 - 1Bracknell AThu 16th Nov 202319:30Division TwoOV
University of Reading B ½ - 4½Crowthorne CThu 16th Nov 202319:30Division ThreeOV
Maidenhead A4 - 1Bourne End AMon 20th Nov 202319:30Division OneOV
Henley A2 - 3Reading BTue 21st Nov 202319:30Division TwoOV
Bourne End A1½ - 3½Crowthorne AWed 22nd Nov 202319:30Division OneOV
Camberley A4½ - ½Newbury AThu 23rd Nov 202319:30Division OneOV
University of Reading B ½ - 4½Camberley CThu 23rd Nov 202319:30Division ThreeOV
Reading E2 - 3Reading DThu 23rd Nov 202319:30Division ThreeOV
Newbury A1½ - 3½Reading AThu 30th Nov 202319:30Division OneOV
Reading D3 - 2Camberley CThu 30th Nov 202319:30Division ThreeOV
University of Reading PPCA4 - 2Bourne End PPCAThu 30th Nov 202319:15Premier Precision TrophyOV
Reading B3½ - 1½Maidenhead BThu 7th Dec 202319:30Division TwoOV
Reading E2½ - 2½University of Reading BThu 7th Dec 202319:30Division ThreeOV
Maidenhead A2½ - 2½Crowthorne AMon 11th Dec 202319:30Division OneOV
Maidenhead C1½ - 3½Crowthorne CMon 11th Dec 202319:30Division ThreeOV
Crowthorne B2 - 3Maidenhead BWed 13th Dec 202319:30Division TwoOV
Reading C3 - 2Henley AThu 14th Dec 202319:30Division TwoOV
Maidenhead C3 - 2Camberley CMon 18th Dec 202319:30Division ThreeOU
Reading A3 - 2Maidenhead AThu 4th Jan 202419:30Division OneOV
Maidenhead B2½ - 2½Reading CMon 8th Jan 202419:30Division TwoOV
Camberley A4 - 1Reading AThu 11th Jan 202419:30Division OneOV
University of Reading B3½ - 1½Maidenhead CThu 11th Jan 202419:30Division ThreeOV
Maidenhead C2½ - 2½University of Reading BMon 15th Jan 202419:30Division ThreeOV
Crowthorne B4½ - ½Camberley BWed 17th Jan 202419:30Division TwoOV
Reading B1½ - 3½University of Reading AThu 18th Jan 202419:30Division TwoOV
Reading E3 - 2Camberley CThu 18th Jan 202419:30Division ThreeOV
Maidenhead C2 - 3Reading DMon 22nd Jan 202419:30Division ThreeOV
Henley A2 - 3Maidenhead BTue 23rd Jan 202419:30Division TwoOV
Crowthorne A4½ - ½Newbury AWed 24th Jan 202419:30Division OneOV
Reading PPCA4 - 2University of Reading PPCAThu 25th Jan 202419:15Premier Precision TrophyOV
Bourne End A1½ - 3½Maidenhead AWed 31st Jan 202419:30Division OneOV
University of Reading A5 - 0Henley AThu 1st Feb 202419:30Division TwoOV
Bracknell A2 - 3Reading BThu 8th Feb 202419:30Division TwoOU
University of Reading B1½ - 3½Reading DThu 8th Feb 202419:30Division ThreeOV
Maidenhead A4 - 1Reading AMon 12th Feb 202419:30Division OneOV
Reading A3 - 2Camberley AThu 15th Feb 202419:30Division OneOV
Reading E3½ - 1½Maidenhead CThu 15th Feb 202419:30Division ThreeOU
Camberley C1 - 4Crowthorne CThu 15th Feb 202419:30Division ThreeOU
Crowthorne C3 - 2Maidenhead CWed 21st Feb 202419:30Division ThreeOU
Newbury A1½ - 3½Camberley AThu 22nd Feb 202419:30Division OneOU
Camberley C2 - 3University of Reading BThu 22nd Feb 202419:30Division ThreeOU
Reading D3 - 2Reading EThu 22nd Feb 202419:30Division ThreeOV
Henley A2½ - 2½Crowthorne BTue 27th Feb 202419:30Division TwoOV
University of Reading A4 - 1Maidenhead BThu 29th Feb 202419:30Division TwoOV
Bourne End A3½ - 1½Newbury AWed 6th Mar 202419:30Division OneOU
Crowthorne B3 - 2Reading CWed 6th Mar 202419:30Division TwoOV
Camberley A2 - 3Bourne End AThu 7th Mar 202419:30Division OneOU
Bracknell A2½ - 2½Henley AThu 7th Mar 202419:30Division TwoOV
University of Reading B3 - 2Reading EThu 7th Mar 202419:30Division ThreeOV
Camberley C3½ - 1½Reading DThu 7th Mar 202419:30Division ThreeOU
Crowthorne A1½ - 3½Maidenhead AWed 13th Mar 202419:30Division OneOV
Crowthorne C4½ - ½University of Reading BWed 13th Mar 202419:30Division ThreeOU
Camberley B2 - 3University of Reading AThu 14th Mar 202419:30Division TwoOU
Bourne End A ½ - 4½Reading AWed 20th Mar 202419:30Division OneOU
Camberley B3½ - 1½Henley AThu 21st Mar 202419:30Division TwoOU
Reading D2 - 3Crowthorne CThu 21st Mar 202419:30Division ThreeOV
Maidenhead A3½ - 1½Newbury AMon 25th Mar 202419:30Division OneOV
Camberley C3 - 2Maidenhead CThu 4th Apr 202419:30Division ThreeOV
Henley PPCA3½ - 2½Bracknell PPCATue 9th Apr 202419:30Mick Tarrant PlateOU
Reading E1 - 4Crowthorne CThu 11th Apr 202419:30Division ThreeOV
Maidenhead B2 - 3Bracknell AMon 15th Apr 202419:30Division TwoOU
Crowthorne A2½ - 2½Reading AWed 17th Apr 202419:30Division OneOV
Newbury A0 - 5Bourne End AThu 18th Apr 202419:30Division OneOV
Reading C3½ - 1½Camberley BThu 18th Apr 202419:30Division TwoOV
Crowthorne C4 - 1Reading EWed 24th Apr 202419:30Division ThreeOU
Crowthorne PPCA2½ - 3½Bourne End PPCAWed 24th Apr 202419:30Mick Tarrant PlateOU
Reading A3½ - 1½Newbury AThu 25th Apr 202419:30Division OneOV
Reading C3 - 2Bracknell AThu 2nd May 202419:30Division TwoOU
Camberley C1 - 4Reading EThu 2nd May 202419:30Division ThreeOU
Crowthorne A2 - 3Bourne End AWed 8th May 202419:30Division OneOV
Reading D ½ - 4½Maidenhead CWed 8th May 202419:30Division ThreeOV
Newbury A1½ - 3½Maidenhead AThu 9th May 202419:30Division OneOV
Maidenhead A3½ - 1½Camberley AMon 13th May 202419:30Division OneOV
Bracknell A2½ - 2½Crowthorne BThu 16th May 202419:30Division TwoOV
Camberley B2½ - 2½Reading BThu 16th May 202419:30Division TwoOV
Newbury PPCA3 - 3Camberley PPCAThu 16th May 202419:30Premier Precision TrophyOV
Henley PPCA0 - 6Bourne End PPCATue 21st May 202419:30Mick Tarrant PlateOU
Crowthorne C3 - 2Reading DWed 22nd May 202419:30Division ThreeOU
Camberley A1½ - 3½Crowthorne AThu 23rd May 202419:30Division OneOV
Newbury PPCA2 - 4Maidenhead PPCAThu 13th Jun 202419:30Premier Precision TrophyOU
Maidenhead PPCA0 - 0Reading PPCAMon 22nd Jul 202419:30Premier Precision TrophyOU
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