Staffordshire County Cups - Duplicate Players

These players have two LMS records in the organisation but the same ECF rating code. Pick the appropriate Keep button for the one you want to keep and it will take you to a confirm screen to merge the records, so don't worry if you aren't sure yet which to keep. You can also pick on the player and use your browser back button to get back here to investiage which to keep. Also it doesn't matter unless there is some differnce between the player details

Rating CodePlayer 1Player 2
303498HKeep 1 Antony M AllenKeep 2 Antony M Allen
310983FKeep 1 Robert BuckleyKeep 2 Robert Buckley
311547BKeep 1 E DunneKeep 2 E Dunne
304237GKeep 1 Daniel GriffithsKeep 2 Daniel Griffiths
311639GKeep 1 Rolly GutierrezKeep 2 Rolly Gutierrez
310467KKeep 1 R GutterezKeep 2 R Gutterez
311638EKeep 1 Barry HandfordKeep 2 Barry Handford
306477DKeep 1 Barry HanfordKeep 2 Barry Hanford
310984HKeep 1 Ken HiltonKeep 2 Ken Hilton
302204DKeep 1 Slava KachkanovKeep 2 Slava Kachkanov
308991FKeep 1 John LeayKeep 2 John Leay
306479HKeep 1 Ian MartinKeep 2 Ian Martin
302561FKeep 1 Jamie O'DonovanKeep 2 Jamie O'Donovan
306482HKeep 1 Tom TrevenaKeep 2 Tom Trevena
306485CKeep 1 Darren WhistonKeep 2 Darren Whiston