Sections - Open, u2050, u1850, u1650, u1450

Rating criteria - ECF (original) ratings at 1 September 2023 apply; A player that is unrated on the 1st September 2021 but subsequently receives their 1st K rating on a later ECF Ratings list, this rating will be used from that date. Until the unrated player receives their first K rating, an estimated rating from their county captain will be used

Time control - All moves in 135 minutes, plus a 10 second increments (135 min + 10 sec). The duration of play will be a maximum of 5 hours. If suitable digital clocks are not available, then each player shall make not less than 40 moves in 2 hours and then the game played to a finish with 30 minutes extra for each player for the remainder of the game. The rates of play and the duration of the sudden death finish may be varied by mutual agreement of the two captains.

Results to be entered here as soon as possible after the game has been played.

In any match in these Championships the minimum number of players on each side should be 12. A higher even number may be mutually agreed. A lower number, subject to a minimum of 8, may be agreed if really necessary.

ECF Membership - all players must be Bronze, or higher, ECF Members

All matches need to be completed and reported prior to the deadline of midnight on 24 March 2024 for nominations to the ECF National Stages.