Club Address:

Liverpool chess club have now changed venue with immediate effect.
New venue:

Metrocola (Hannahs bar)
2 Leece St, Liverpool L1 2TR
Next door to St Lukes bombed out church on hardman street

Room upstairs for matches downstairs for casual chess

Club Night: Tuesday
Match Start Time: 7:45
Juniors 6pm - 7.30pm

Ian Nicholson

Kevin Boyce

Team Captains:
Liverpool 1 : Mike Clarke
Liverpool 2 : Dylan Mize
Liverpool 3 : David Leeming
Liverpool 4 : Ian Nicholson
Liverpool 5 : Jack Austen-Vincent
Liverpool 6 : Rob Steele
Liverpool 7: Ian Nicholson
Liverpool JR1 : TBC
Liverpool KA1 : Peter Mellor

Listed Players:
Liverpool 1: Gary Quillan (2411K), Mike Griffin (2025k), Owen Crawford (1848K), Rashid Ali (2093K), Marek Korsinskij (2064K), Colin Horton (2044K), Bashar Rovezi (1899K)
Liverpool 2: Dylan Mize (1916A), Luke Maher (1872K), Nick Hawkins (1849K), Fred Lang (1804K), Ian Stephens (1777K), Hon Meng Moh (1949P)
Liverpool 3: Michael Hardman (1988K), Barbara Novak (1775K), Nikolas Korsinskij (1771K), Dave Leeming (1743K), Isaac Leafe (1765K)
Liverpool 4: Xavier Sottrell (1743K), Nehan Radio (1805K), Vlad Gorchev (1559K), Pete Mellor (1695A), Ian Nicholson (1608A), Joel Bartlett (1815P), Arda Ulku (1782P)
Liverpool 5: Joshvir Garcha (1651K), Marcello D'Onofrio (1576K), Haroon Malik (1520K), Brian Corner (1497A), Jack Austen-Vincent (1478K)
Liverpool 6: Rob Steele (1431A), Jake Money (1614K), Chris Socratous (1710P),

Grades shown above are grades based on ECF Standard OTB September only. Players actual grades may change during the course of the season. Changes to a players grade that may occur during the season are not shown here.

Grading lists for players from this club can be found here:

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Liverpool (7LIV) (Club)
OwnersDavid Leeming(dleeming), Dylan Mize(Dylan Mize), Ian Nicholson(inicholson), Jack Austen-Vincent(javincent), Rob Steele(Rob Steele)
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