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Liverpool Chess Club has been running the internal club tournaments since the clubs foundation back in 1837. The Famous Liverpool Table tournament has been running alongside the A, B and C tournaments in that name since 1892 with the winners names displayed on the outstanding Liverpool Chess Club table from that date right up to today.

This years tournament standings can be viewed from the links on the left of this page.

The Liverpool Misc tournament is any games which have been played outside of the individual tournaments but still graded games played in match conditions internally within the club

All Liverpool Table winners going back to 1892 can be viewed in the table on this page:

Immediately prior to 1892 the tournament was known as the Lister tournament. James Lister presented a trophy to the club in 1885 as the tournament prize. Amos Burn was the first winner of the Lister tournament. James Cairns was the first winner of the Liverpool Table tournament back in 1892.

2024 Tournaments and players

Table Knockout 8 players - All STD games 61 (default)-90 mins max - No draws accept forced draws - if drawn 15 min playoff

A,B - Rapid games (20 (default) -30 mins) - Play as many games as early as possible

Table- JoelBartlett, Dylan Mize, Marek Korsinskij, Mike Clarke, Owen Crawford, Ian Stephens, Bashar Rovezi, Luke Maher

A - Derek Rooney, Arda Ulku, Edis Glogic, Danylo Laba, Chris Socratous, Jake Money, Shi Kecheng

B - Rob Steele, Jamie Worswick, Leo Hartley, Sam Martin, Stephen Hill, Mihai Lup, Charlotte Griffiths, Eric Tinsley