Highcliffe C v Southbourne C

B&DCL Div 3 Mon 6th Nov 2023   Verify
BoardHomeHighcliffe CSouthbourne CAway
1 (B) 1651
Manson, Andrew
½ - ½
Litchfield, Michael J
2 (W) 1639
Salinger, Neil
1 - 0
Arorash, David
3 (B) 1648
Powell, Robert
0 - 1
Harris, John E
4 (W) 1429
Salinger, Ron
0 - 1
Wang, Jason
Total63671½ - 2½Total6402

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A tightly fought match - Neil was first to finish with an inspired combination to give a 1-0 lead to HIghcliffe, Robert tried to break open a tight game but overstretched and John took advantage to level the match. Jason made an inspired Rook lift, and the king side onslaught was too much for Ron to defend. 2-1.
Andrew and Michael battled the last game on top board, with attack options for both but no clear decisive edge. A draw was agreed giving Southbourne a well deserved win.

Two equally strengthed teams.

After Neil's well played win on board 2, Highcliffe looked favourites as board 4 was looking ok and there were some exciting tactics on board 3 in a game that could go either way. However, both games turned when Ron overlooked a piece sac by Jason which would have won his queen and Robert moved his king which allowed John a rook fork winning his queen. The top board looked about equal when the draw was agreed.

With thanks to Highcliffe for the kind hospitality.