Bournemouth C v Highcliffe C

B&DCL Div 3 Tue 14th May 2024   Verify
BoardHomeBournemouth CHighcliffe CAway
1 (B) 1726
Bolton, Stephen
1 - 0
Manson, Andrew
2 (W) 1718
Jackson, Paul A
½ - ½
Salinger, Neil
3 (B) 1702
Miles, Daniel
1 - 0
Powell, Robert
4 (W) 1550
Errington, Simon
½ - ½
Salinger, Ron
Total66963 - 1Total6367

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Board 4 first to finish. Ron was up a pawn in a rook endgame but Simon defended well to secure the draw. Board 3 was next with Robert sacking a knight in the opening for 3 pawns. A pawn was won back but a tactical match took place where it was winning for both sides at different points but eventually black consolidated and won. Board 1 had a piece sack as well but the tactics didn’t quite work out and over a long game Steve pressed his advantage to win. Final game looked to be a win in a same colour bishops endgame for Paul when he won a pawn with a nice tactic but then lost it 2 moves later, Paul probably still had winning chances since blacks pawns were on the same squares as the bishops but a draw was agreed.

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Robert and I both played Knight sacrifices in the opening with the white pieces - sadly neither tactic worked as Stephen and Daniel both defended well to get to an endgame material up, and win. Ron and Neil saved us from a whitewash and both got good draws in tactically difficult positions. Thanks to Bournemouth for hosting, and congratulations on a well deserved victory