Ringwood v Weymouth B

DCL Div 2 Mon 11th Mar 2024   Verify
BoardHomeRingwoodWeymouth BAway
1 (B) 1820
Clancy, Martin J
0 - 1
Pleasants, Allan J
2 (W) 1878
Willetts, Graham J
1 - 0
Blake, Steve
3 (B) 1600
Melling, Hugo
½ - ½
Steevens, Malcolm J
4 (W) 1400
Page, Daniel
0 - 1
Balem, John E
Total66981½ - 2½Total7080

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A pleasure to play Weymouth in the tropical paradise that is Greyfriars on a Monday evening :-)

A blunder lead to a quick finish on board 4 to gave Weymouth a great start. On board 2, Graham seemed to win an exchange early doors and then slowly consolidated to grind out a win. It looked all very dangerous to me! In my game I found a plan where I tried to show Allan's c5 advance was a weakness. A few moves on the pawn on c5 was looking to be a marvellous "little soldier" restricting the movement of most of my pieces! Well judged and played by Allan.

That left Hugo, who had looked to be doing ok in the early part of the game. By the time I finished playing it was looking a bit more difficult even to draw as Malcolm had a protected pawn on the 7th rank. Next time I looked, Hugo was two pawns against a bishop and a draw was agreed.

Yep it was very tropical on Monday evening!! Thanks to Ringwood for unsuccessfully turning the heat up over the board however. Apart from board 4 all of the games were well contested; I think Daniel just made a fatal blunder but up until then had looked Ok. My game with Hugo was a nice one..........................he played on for the team knowing that he had to win to draw the match.................well played; he showed great maturity but was up against someone who is more mature in years............................... but nothing else!! Good match!